The Power of God



“For He says to the snow, ‘fall on the earth’; Likewise to the gentle rain and the heavy rain of His strength.”  

Job 37:6 (NKJV)


I listened to the TV reporter standing on an overpass where two major interstates crossed. There was little traffic in Atlanta, Georgia because the city had basically shut down. It is hard to believe that God could bring such a standstill to the southeastern U.S. with just some snow and ice. The previous week’s snow had trapped motorists on interstates because the southern states were not equipped to handle it. Now, with this second storm dropping ice and snow, people heeded the warnings and stayed home. The number of homes without electricity was in the millions.


Here in Virginia, it was mostly snow. We did not lose power, and I enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation. Some shelves in the stores were bare since trucks were unable to replenish the products which had been snatched up prior to the storm.


Imagine the coming judgments of God if this happens with a snow/ice event. Without a doubt, I am saved, and I will not be here during the Great Tribulation. If reporters are able to broadcast, what will people do when they hear the reports of the sea turning to blood (Rev. 8:8)? What will they do when the earth quakes, the sun turns black, and the stars fall to earth (Rev. 6:12-13)?Even if you die before the time of these judgments, are you aware that hell is real and if you are not saved that is where you will spend eternity?


Jesus Christ died to pay the sin debt for believers.  He gives the free gift of salvation when yourepent of your sin with a sincere heart. When God saves you, your life will be forever changed. You will hate sin, and you will love the things of God. The power of God will be at work in your life. Best of all, your eternity will be spent in heaven.


Lord Jesus,

Thank You for Your gift of salvation. I am a sinner. I need Your forgiveness, and I need salvation. I turn my back on my sin, and I want to live for You. Please save me and be my Lord and Savior. Amen.



Read John 10:28, Rom. 3:23, Rom. 6:23, 1 John 1:9.



Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? Do you have a personal relationship with Him? If not, why not repent of your sin, and call on Him to save you?


Copyright 2014 Carolyn Dale Newell.


5 thoughts on “The Power of God

  1. yperry123

    “The power of God will be at work in your life. Best of all, your eternity will be spent in heaven.” Such an awesome reminder Carolyn. Thank you for sharing this piece, neighbor @ #DanceWithJesus

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  2. Kelly Balarie

    Hey Carolyn! This is a great call to faith sister. I can only imagine the TV reporters trying to justify some earthly reason why all of this will happen. I bet the fight will go right to the end. But, only God knows. I cheer you; you get me thinking, hoping and eager for the day. You also get me thinking of others in the meantime. Love, Kelly, your #RaRalinkup Cheerleader from Purposeful Faith

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