The Potter and The Clay


By Carolyn Dale Newell


But now, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter;

And all we are the work of Your hand.

Is. 64:8 (NKJV)


In 2012, I used this verse when I referred to my vision loss. I was the clay in the hand of my Father, the very capable potter. I was His to mold at His will. I still believe that.


I found an e-mail that I sent out back then.   I had just begun writing, and I never included this in anything I wrote, but God has laid it on my heart to share part of it now. I wrote it after the specialist told me that I could not be on the clinical trial for a drug that might have halted my vision loss. 



Our trip to Hopkins yesterday did not turn out as we had hoped.   They cannot use me on the clinical trial because my vision is so bad that they cannot consistently measure improvements…. Don’t feel bad for me.  Yes, I am disappointed, but not surprised.  I have prayed for God’s will to be done, not my own.  I have learned not to pray selfish prayers, but to ask God to use me with all grace and mercy.  I have seen in the last 6 months how God is using my disability for His glory.  Continue to pray for His mercy upon me and His will to be done in my life.  I need God’s hand to guide me every day, literally.  In Phil. 4:19, we receive the promise that God will supply all of our needs.  There are many blind people who live a productive life.  There are many people without a leg or an arm or in a wheelchair that live a productive life.  These are wonderful things to have, but when it comes down to it, we don’t really “need” them.  God gives us His strength, mercy and grace and that is what we really need.  I will continue with Christ as the “I” in my storm.



I will close this with just a prayer.


Heavenly Father,

Why You would have me share this after so long, I do not know, but You do. I pray that the person this is intended for will be wrapped completely in Your grace. Use this for Your purpose for we know that Your word does not go forth void. In the name of Jesus, amen.


Copyright 2015 Carolyn Dale Newell.


9 thoughts on “The Potter and The Clay

  1. Cathy

    Thanks for sharing this Carolyn. It’s so encouraging to hear others depending on the will of God and trusting Him in it. God bless.

    I’m visiting from the ‘RaRalinkup’ : )

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  2. kortneystanis

    So beautiful and inspiring. You truly are living by faith, and are an encouragement to me. I am truly blessed by your faith, how you are living for God daily, and how you trust Him to do His will and not your own.

    Liked by 1 person


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