Incense Rising Linkup with Susan Mead

Today’s post comes from author, fellow Encouragement Café writer, and most importantly a beautiful friend, Susan Mead:

Do you know someone who simply CAN? They can do anything – and they do it! Their faith sets a standard for you to follow, believe and act on.

Yea, that person.

Whether it’s an Olympic or World Class athlete, a NY Times best selling author or a speaker with an international ministry or a friend who’s blind, they simply CAN.

You see, I know Carolyn Dale Newell. Carolyn simply CAN in a world full of can’t. She can’t see well, in fact, she is legally blind, yet she can read on her computer. She also is a prolific writer for Encouragement Café.

And this is so very cool – she’s getting a guide dog! You know what I loved hearing her say? “They’ve got to train me for this dog and I can hardly wait!”

Outlook: Guard your private time with God, for it is precious time.

Perspective: God’s “no” means He will carry you through it rather than deliver you from it.

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