Guide Dog School: Day 2

Guide Dog School: Day 2

So many firsts! Yesterday (Day 1) was my first flight alone plus I had a connecting flight. It is my first trip to New York City, but LaGuardia is actually in Queens. Therefore I was disappointed that there were no skyscrapers. It is also my first time staying in a dorm room setting, and I learned to use a fob, which in case anyone else doesn’t know, like me, it is the way to get in the building.

Our small class consists of, eight people and only three of us are newbies. It is very interesting living with other visually impaired people. I have discovered that big cities offer much more to the blind. I love the way people tap on things to indicate their location. It works much better than “over there” or “here”.

Kudos to American Airlines who treated me like royalty. Flying to speak and share my testimony just became possible. God had plans before I realized them myself. Kudos to the staff here at Guiding Eyes because they cook food which tastes like it belongs in a high dollar restaurant. The instructors and staff are superb, and there is no cost on my part. Thank God for all who donate to Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Yesterday was orientation, and we received leashes and treat bags. We learned how to use the leash with a slip collar.

Obedience training was at 6 Am, using our instructors instead of dogs. We learned basics such as sit and stay. We drove to White Plains and walked with our instructors before we had the exciting experience of using a guide dog.

It was freedom. I cannot describe what a freeing experience it was. Not that there is anything wrong with the white cane, but it is similar to the freedom we have from sin when we are saved. Once again, I do not mean the cane is bad. I could walk briskly without fear. The dog led me around construction and people. I crossed streets and learned left and right commands.

Tomorrow is “Dog Day”, the day we meet our dogs. Quite exciting, but now the reality that I am responsible for my furry friend is sinking in. I will learn the sex, color and name tomorrow at 9:15 AM. All the dogs are Labrador Retrievers. I am not allowed to describe or place photos of my dog on Social media until Sunday. That will be the big reveal day for you guys. This respects the multitude of volunteers who raise puppies. Sometimes, the match doesn’t fit and after a few days, you have to switch dogs. That makes puppy raisers wonder why their pup did not work out.

Finally, I love the sound of tree frogs and often regretted that I would not hear them here in New York. God is good. I have tree frogs right outside my door. I hear them as I go to sleep. A little bit of Virginia for this country girl in New York.


2 thoughts on “Guide Dog School: Day 2

  1. Rita Kroon

    So glad to hear your enthusiasm for dog school. It almost sounds like a wonderful adventure rather than a training and learning experience with a guide dog. Hoping you love your new guide dog. Reminds me of our spiritual Guide and how we must learn to trust Him to lead us in the way we should go. Blessings to you, Carolyn.

    Rita Kroon

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