Guide Dog School: Day 7

Guide Dog School: Day 7


I never appreciated a day of rest so much. We all work hard here: the students, instructors and dogs. My day begins at 5:40 AM and ends around 10:00 PM. That includes three delicious meals. Obedience is at 6:00 AM.


Friday was an exciting day in White Plains. They were filming a movie there and people were everywhere. When you shop during the busy Christmas season, take me and Black Beauty with you. She cuts through crowds like a hot knife cuts through butter. Part of my afternoon route was done without the instructor’s support leash attached to my dog. Saturday, the support was removed entirely, and we had a few hiccups, but nothing major. Just the normal stuff with a dog adjusting to a new handler.


They still have not given us the permission to announce the name, but I will tell you she is a girl. I will reveal her name tomorrow (with permission). You will be the first to know.


I have enjoyed real Italian spaghetti and chicken parmesan, a Greek food called gyro, and I tried a mocha, but I preferred their hot chocolate better. We had grilled steaks tonight and a delicious banana split at lunch. I also love these New York accents.


We had an issue with meals. My furry friend likes to chew on chairs. Lori has worked with me to correct the problem and tonight was a success. I anointed her and prayed for her. We all know the Lord has used a rooster and a donkey. Why can’t He curve a dog’s inclination to chew? I trust God that way, taking everything to Him in prayer.


Yesterday was exciting and different. After lunch, we taught our dogs to find “the chair” using a clicker and food reward. Then we learned to work our dogs in the building. Then Black Beauty had play time where I saw a different side of her. Last night, I learned to groom her.


How can you pray for me? Tension, turns, and trust. There has to be the proper tension on the handle. I hesitate a bit on turns, and I need to trust her on the stairs. Maybe I should look at it like this: I need to trust God to handle her handling me on the steps.


The big reveal is tomorrow. I have even given her a middle name, and she has a nickname too. I do appreciate your prayers. If you are considering a guide dog school, Guiding Eyes for the Blind in New York is top notch.


2 thoughts on “Guide Dog School: Day 7

  1. Rita Kroon

    Hi, Carolyn, I’m delighted Guide Dog School is a good experience for you! I like the idea of you trusting God to keep “Black Beauty” in learning and accomplishing mode. Be well. Thanking the Lord for all His provisions for you.

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