Guide Dog School: Day 12

Guide Dog School: Day 12


We are entering the home stretch. You could not ask for a better group of people than the staff here at Guiding Eyes. Even on our routes, I have only encountered one rude person. The south does not corner the market on hospitality.


Yesterday, Iva was fitted for booties. She showed off her red sneakers which she did not seem to like. She did not fight me on them, but she did try to lie on her shoeless feet with hopes that I would not reach them. The purpose of booties is not a fashion statement, but to protect the pads on their feet from extreme heat in summer and the salt on winter roads. We never want anything related to their working environment to be painful.


She had her physical with the vet this afternoon. Iva weighs 56 pounds, and her birthday is February 18, 2015.


We walked in an area similar to home this morning, and we are returning there tonight to walk in the dark. I like night walking since my remaining vision does not interfere. We waited for our turns in a coffee shop this morning. I tried chai tea and French vanilla cappuccino. Tonight we will wait in a frozen yogurt shop.


Dinner was Hungarian goulash and the best cornbread I have ever tasted.


Months ago, I was quite apprehensive about walking in Manhattan. As time drew near, I was excited to have that accomplishment under my belt. Our lecture tonight focused on train platforms and the trip into the city. Reluctantly, I chose not to go. It is more practical and beneficial to work on traveling the paths we will take on a daily basis. I am here to learn, not a vacation. Maybe later Manhattan.


The great thing about Guiding Eyes is they will work with us in the future. For example, if I find myself traveling to large cities, using trains and subways, I can contact the school. They will provide additional training at that time.


This entire experience has cost me nothing. They paid for my airfare; provide me with the dog and equipment at no cost. They have funds to help with veterinarian care for the working life of the dog. Guiding Eyes works with people who are blind plus have additional difficulties, such as hearing loss. There is a program here for autistic children, too.


I appreciate prayers for energy and focus as I enter the home stretch.


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