Guide Dog Tales Vol. 7


By Carolyn Dale Newell

The word this week is protection, and I love my girl so much more for it. Seeing her intelligence at work is awesome.

I have smashed my face into several poles over the years. You know the ones, in the stores. They leave me with more than a bruised ego.

There are also the displays in the middle of the aisles (Whose bright idea was that anyway?). Iva walks on my left side. I did not see the display, but she moved in front of me blocking me from walking into it. Then she decided which way to take me around it. As she escorts me by the potential danger, she makes certain I clear it. What a girl, my Iva!!

Yesterday, we were walking along our neighborhood streets. After crossing the street, we proceeded up Linden Avenue. I heard an engine start just ahead, and Iva stopped. There was no way she could be waiting for that car this early in the game. It was up ahead of us. I redirected her with the forward command. She took two steps and stopped again. Yes!! My beautiful black beauty (Can’t you tell I’m a proud momma) was keeping me safe, out of the path of the car as it pulled out of the driveway. Limited Vision has become so normal for me that I never considered the fact that Iva saw how the car was moving. I could only hear it, but now my extra set of eyes could see it all.

I see God through Iva’s actions. He protects us in a similar manner. There are times when He brings us to a halt. Times when He blocks our path. Times when He changes our direction, avoiding danger. Our reaction?

We get angry because our plans failed. We are upset when our schedules get jiggled. Remember, at first, I doubted Iva was protecting me. We also fail to consider that our disruptions are God’s protective hand.

Praises should erupt when God interrupts.

Jehovah Machsi is the Hebrew name for God that means “The Lord My Refuge”. It is a simple name, a little difficult to pronounce, but definitely one we can use in prayer. Jehovah Machsi deserves gratitude each day for the things He has protected us from. Things we are completely unaware of. We can praise Him for He is the refuge we run to in times of fear.

We find Jehovah Machsi in Psalm 91:9-10:

Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge,

Even the Most High, your dwelling place,

No evil shall befall you,

Nor shall any plague come near

We are oblivious concerning the many dangers God has protected us from. Sometimes, we learn from the news what deadly accident we avoided, but usually, we are clueless. Let’s remember that like Iva, God sees what is unseen to us. Once again, God knows what He is doing. Thank you, Jason Crabb for that song because God certainly does. My God, He knows what He’s doing! We gratefully thank You Jehovah Machsi ! Praises to our God!



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