Incense Rising Online Study 10


On Day 24 of Incense Rising: 60 Days to Powerful Prayer, (Purchase a book ) we explored the name of God Jehovah Rohi, The Lord my Shepherd. Let’s get to know Jehovah Rohi by reading Psalm 23.

Jehovah Rohi is like an umbrella name with several other names of God under it. For example, verse 1 assures us we will never be in want. We have already seen that Jehovah Jireh is our Provider. Sheep are totally dependent on their shepherds for all their needs. Unattended, they would starve, wander off or die.

Green meadows and still waters (v. 2) provide abundantly for the flock. Not only is there plentiful grazing, but the atmosphere is peaceful.

A shepherd guides his sheep, as we read in Day 24 about seeking direction from God. When faced with important decisions, it is difficult to know with certainty the path God has for us.

There are times when Scripture is clear about the right path. We can wander away in disobedience. Many sheep do, but our Shepherd restores us to the paths of righteousness.

Prayer is vital to staying in God’s will. When we remain close to the Shepherd, we will not wander far. When some grass on the other side looks greener for nibbling, the sheep meanders toward it. Straying sheep are often returned to the flock by the shepherd’s staff. Pressure is applied as the shepherd directs him back to his place. Sometimes, the shepherd must find the missing sheep to restore him.

The rod is a tool of protection and correction. Sheep have enemies. A bear or wolf will sneak in for the attack. The wandering sheep, the isolated sheep, is always a target. The shepherd uses the rod to beat wild animals off. Obviously, David used his slingshot for the same purpose.

Christians are under the protective hand of their Shepherd, Jehovah Rohi. Have you felt the pressure of the staff or the correction of God’s rod?

Walking through the valley of the shadow of death is imminent, but our Protector is with us. We need not fear evil. David saw the confidence his sheep had in him. He penned these verses knowing he had no reason to fear his enemies. David prayed for his Shepherd’s help many times. Prayers of desperation. Prayers of distress. David lived many years running from enemies. He understood evil.

We see evil in our world today. David’s prayers reassure us that our Shepherd is watching.

As Christians are shot, beheaded, and crushed by trucks, God gives them dying grace. It is only a shadow of death until they reach their heavenly home where they will live forever. Goodness and mercy will be with them forever, and it is with us today.

It is by God’s mercy that we are alive today. It is by His goodness that our health is not worse. The unseen evil our Shepherd has protected us from remains unknown to us.

Where do you see God’s goodness in your life today?

Where do you see God’s mercy today? It is hard to remember these names of God which are in Hebrew. However, we can pray to our Shepherd. He provides. He is the source of peace. He directs our paths. He protects us, and He restores us.

Jehovah Rohi, like a wandering sheep, we need You to guide us. We trust You to provide for us and to protect us from the enemy. Thank You, Lord, for being our Shepherd. Amen.


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