Guide Dog Tales Vol. 9


By Carolyn Dale Newell

I felt the thrill and exhilaration as I walked up my driveway. I never thought it would be this great. I texted my husband to let him know he could stop worrying because I was safely home. Then I called my mobility instructor who was so proud of my accomplishment.

I had taken the bus downtown. Our downtown is small. According to the sign, we have six thousand people and three old grouches. Iva and I walked around town finding some places we will go in the future. We even went down a street that my instructor had never worked with me on. Then, we found a bus-stop and we came home. All by ourselves!

Why am I so excited? Didn’t we take the bus to the vet last month? Yes, but my husband met us there and brought us home. This was our first independent round trip. Even before my vision required assistance navigating, I never walked downtown. It was too far. I had walked to the school and the few businesses nearby, but never to town.

The last time I did an independent downtown walk was in 1992, when I lived in Lexington. It had been twenty-five years!

A few days later, Iva and I went through the check-out line in Walmart alone. Another milestone to give God glory. Another “Thank You, Jesus”. Another “Praise the Lord”!

Going Downtown was not a necessity There are few businesses of interest there, but I wanted Iva to keep up with her city travel skills. I shocked myself when I felt so pleased with this accomplishment. Sure, I had prayed for some independence, but this was an extra bonus. This was my cup running over. This is God supplying our needs according to His riches. Going downtown was not a need. Independent shopping was not necessarily a want, but God supplied it just the same. When God starts pouring out blessings, grab a saucer because your cup won’t handle it all.

God gave me so much when He did not answer my prayer for complete healing. He gave me Iva, my guide dog, one of the best gifts God has ever given me. I wonder what new doors await us now. The possibilities are limitless.

Iva turns two soon (Feb. 18). We are planning a small birthday party for her. Yes, a birthday party for a dog, but Iva is not an ordinary dog. She is not just a guide. She is my best friend.

So much prayer went up concerning the dog I would be matched with. You can see the results . Iva is a constant reminder about the power of prayer. Before I left for the school, I had several preachers pray over me. I had a prayer partner praying for the right dog in the same manner as you would pray for a husband.

Perhaps you have become discouraged and stopped praying about something. Pray, even if the answer is no. God has a better yes in store for you.


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