Incense Rising Online Study 17

What does Satan think about prayer? He hates it with a passion, and he will do anything to keep you from it. If you have followed this study through Incense Rising: 60 Days to Powerful Prayer, you have a book that Satan did not want in your hands.

During my study on prayer, taking notes for the devotions that became Incense Rising, I was plagued with several health issues. The only major crisis that arose was a tick bite that became itchy and red. Strong antibiotics were necessary to prevent Lyme disease. I did not tolerate them well since my digestive system took a beating.

The other health issues were small and annoying. If you look inside a person over fifty, you are bound to find something wrong. It was time-consuming and frustrating. Thankfully, God never allowed anything serious to develop.

I spent one night in an emergency room. The next day, I gave thanks that all was well, yet asking God why. I fully expected Him to reveal some sinful act I had not been convicted about. God had my attention.

The answer came within a few hours in a text message from a missionary friend. He knew I had been sick. He had prayed while we drove to the ER, but he was unaware of my questions to God. His text read, “The enemy is attacking you because of your ministry and your study on prayer.”

I stood amazed at the thought that Satan or one of his cohorts would waste time on me. I knew nothing of satanic attack. I thought Satan kept busy with all the dictators of the world.

Then came the movie, “War Room” and Priscilla Shirer’s book, “Fervent”. That opened a new view on spiritual warfare for me. I highly recommend both, along with her “Armor of God Bible study”. Your prayer life will change dramatically.

Incense Rising was my second book, and this time, I hired an editor. After the editing process, the manuscript was formatted. I received the files on a Friday night. It could not have been a worst time to tell me the entire manuscript needed proofing once again, and in ten days. My husband was leaving for North Carolina to be with his seriously ill brother for the weekend. I did not tell him I needed his time. I searched for someone else to help me, but things got worse. His brother was dying and on life support. My husband spent the majority of the next two weeks away from home.

Satan attacked the book. It was filled with errors that had not been present before formatting. I have the most patient formatter in the world, who was baffled at what was happening. He made revisions six times before it was left with just a few remaining errors. God impressed me to continue the publishing process and not wait for perfection.

In the meantime, I was alone and depression crept back into my life. It was rough, to say the least.

Today’s study is not really a study, but a testimony about the lengths Satan will go to in order to stop prayer and even a book about it. Be careful because a very real enemy seeks to devour us.

Father, protect Your children from the evil one. Rebuke Him on every level, and give us the discernment to see him coming. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Incense Rising Online Study 17

  1. Dina Ray

    Hi there! Thanks for this article. I am doing the Armor of God study presently, have seen WarRoom and Fervent has been recommended for reading. I am trying to get a blog going and it has been so discouraging. I often think of writing more but if I have trouble currently, how am I ever going to write more? Anyway, thanks for reminding me what’s going on. Blessings!

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    1. cnewell2014 Post author

      You are welcomed! I would love to tell you that everything gets better. At least you have been reminded where your troubles come from. I will pray for you. I can’t do anything other than post with my blog, and my husband struggles with it whenever I ask him to do something. God bless you!

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