By Carolyn Dale Newell

Obviously, Iva was unhappy. Iva’s prancing paws gave new meaning to putting a spring in her step. Endless amounts of shaking failed to rid her of discomfort. She made one more attempt to remove the red booties which protected her paws from the blazing sidewalk. Feet went flying in every direction. My husband gave commentary. Her feet kicked like she was flatfooting without any bluegrass music to accompany her.

Iva rarely wears shoes. Leaving the hotel, I sensed her displeasure in the manner she walked. Iva attracts people’s attention, but her ruby slippers created many “Oh! and “Awl’s.” Some ladies snapped pictures Of Iva and her fancy footwear.

Once we reached our destination, we removed Iva’s booties. The heat radiating from the soles spoke volumes about the protection the shoes provided. Her soft pads were cool and unharmed.

Christians, we may not flatfoot in front of Flapjacks Pancake House, but don’t we get upset with God when He has our best in mind? Iva knew nothing about the blistering affects from the sidewalk. Likewise, we fail to recognize the times God protects us from harm.

Sometimes, it is a detour, or a schedule change. Temporary illnesses keep us down. Short finances harness our spending. We rarely learn about the accident we missed, the rest our bodies needed, or the unwise spending we avoided.

In Genesis, Joseph’s life was disrupted. This was more than an inconvenience. He was ripped from his family. His brothers sold him to traders, but God had another plan for Joseph. He wanted Joseph in Egypt. Joseph endured a prison sentence for a crime he never committed. God placed him as second in command in Egypt. Once there, Joseph’s wisdom provided for multitudes during the famine, including his own family.

At times, we face discomfort, like Iva. Other times, our world is shattered, like Joseph. Joseph had to wonder about his predicament, but Scripture never tells us he questioned God.

Iva fought the shoes with no avail, but Joseph trusted God. Rather than fighting God, we place our faith in Him.

As parents, we tell our children, vegetables are good for them, but they don’t like them. Shoes, grooming, and paw lotion are not Iva’s favorites. Our heavenly Father knows what is best for us.

I never want to forget Iva’s decision to flatfoot in the middle of Gatlinburg, unsuccessfully trying to remove her little shoes. I need that reminder the next time my happy cart gets turned over. I must remember God has allowed the circumstances, even unpleasant ones, for my benefit. Possibly for my protection.

Can you recall a time when your disappointment acted as a safety net or a better road to travel? Next time, picture a black lab kicking her heels with fire engine red booties. Then, consider Your discomfort or disruption may be for your good and God’s glory.

Copyright 2017 Carolyn Dale Newell.


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