By Carolyn Dale Newell

Iva never ceases to amaze me. Recently, we have experienced various opportunities for Iva to show off her skills.

Sometimes, I need to spend a day or more in a large church or convention center. On those occasions, I teach Iva the routes to the important spots, such as the bathroom, my book table, my chair, and if I am speaking, the podium. No matter the size of the building, Iva nails it.

Saturday, she maneuvered me around a crowded Walmart without bumping me into anyone. Speeding buggies, running kids and crazed shoppers kept her on her toes. Iva never missed a beat, and she was not distracted.

One day, we came upon a few parked cars which were idling. This is tricky because you never know what to expect. Are they waiting for us to pass by, or are they getting ready to pull out at any second?

One car was sitting in the street next to two parked cars. The driver appeared to be waiting on someone. He said hello with a smile, the kind of smile you hear. Iva assessed the situation. She made her decision and weaved me safely through the maze. Iva was rewarded with praise, cookies (treats), and a scratch behind the ear. Yes, I am one proud momma.

I suppose her skill will continually shock me. Next week marks our one-year anniversary. I hope I never grow accustomed to Iva’s intelligence.

God never fails to amaze me with His astounding work either. I stand in awe when God answers my little prayers. Insignificant prayers are not insignificant to God.

When something falls on the floor, it is a daunting task for a blind person. Either iva finds it, or God leads me to it. I am so blessed to have such impressive help, canine and divine.

I seek God’s guidance concerning my Bible study topics. I pray about the messages I write and speak. God comes through in ways that can only be God.

Consider God’s awesome power when you see the strength of wind and water in hurricanes and storms. Appreciate God’s creative wonders when you admire the texture of a fragrant, vibrant flower. Praise God when the birds sing the songs He has orchestrated for them.

God’s timing astonishes me. For over ten years, September 18 was a dreadful day. The day my daughter became the prodigal. God, In His loving kindness, gave me a super special day nearby on the calendar. On September 20, 2016, I met my best friend. My black beauty, Iva. Isn’t that so God?

Take time to reflect upon your heavenly shock and awe today. Observe your surroundings, giving Him glory for His creative genius.

Boldly ask God for the little things as well as the larger ones. Thank Him for His answer the moment the request leaves your lips. Praise Him! Worship our awesome God because He is worthy.

Copyright 2017 Carolyn Dale Newell.


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