In The Face Of Fear

In the Face of Fear

By Carolyn Dale Newell

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. Isaiah 43:2a NKJV

She hushed the sobs of her infant son. Jochebed nestled him close to her chest as she began feeding him. Each day, it grew more difficult to hide her growing baby.

She had concealed her blossoming belly during her last months of pregnancy. For three months, the family had successfully kept the newborn’s presence a secret, especially from the Egyptians. Soon, someone would find out either from the baby’s cries or the stench of dirty diapers. Now, it was time to follow Pharaohs’ command and cast her male child into the river.

Jochebed’s family gathered the pitch, asphalt, and bull rushes needed to construct a miniature ark, a little waterproof cradle for baby Moses.

Fear had stared them in the face daily. Fear of the Egyptians. Fear of losing their other children. Fear of death. Now, as Jochebed kissed her baby tenderly, images flashed through her mind. Crocodiles could devour him. Mosquitos could feast upon him. The Egyptians could still kill him, but Jochebed trusted God.

Born in the priestly line of Levi, Moses parents knew this baby boy was special. Jochebed sent her daughter, Miriam, to   watch what might happen to her little brother as he drifted among the reeds. As God providentially planned, Pharaohs’ daughter came to the river bank to bathe. She saw the little ark among the reeds. Her maids retrieved it for her. She heard the cries of the abandoned child, and she was filled with compassion for him. She kept him for her own. Miriam slipped out from her hiding spot and offered to find a Hebrew woman to nurse him. Pharaohs’ daughter gladly hired Jochebed to care for Moses.

The family of Moses saw the face of fear constantly, but in the face of fear, they chose faith. Faith is cautious. Wisdom told the family not to flaunt the baby’s presence. Faith acted in wisdom to keep him under wraps.

Faith rewards. Jochebed received the great joy of welcoming little Moses back to her home. She raised her child while Pharaoh’s daughter paid her wages. Many years later, Israel reaped the rewards of Jochebed’s faith when Moses delivered them out of Egypt.

In Scripture, water often symbolizes trouble. This Israelite family was troubled about their child. The floating ark Moses rested in is the same Hebrew word used for Noah’s ark. The ark represents Christ. When we are in Christ, He delivers us out of our troubles. In the same way, Moses was rescued from the Nile, Christ rescues His own.

What fear do you face today? Does it concern your family, your job, or your health? Is it a dangerous situation? Is it a fear of being shunned or rejected?

Today, you have a choice. You can choose fear and live paralyzed in your situation, or you can choose faith. Faith frees. Fear freezes. Choose faith, and reap the rewards that accompany a life of faith.

Lord God, increase our faith. Give us the courage to choose faith, not submitting to fear. We have nothing to fear because You are in control. Thank You,In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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© 2018 by Carolyn Dale Newell. All rights reserved.


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