By Carolyn Dale Newell

I will be glad and rejoice in Your mercy, for You have considered my trouble;

You have known my soul in adversities,

Psalm 31:7 NKJV

The tears are falling again. You don’t cry easily. This means you have been hurt and the pain is deep. I have been with you through these troubling times before. Right now, it does not feel like you will make it, but you will. You have done it before. Knowing life and knowing God, this time is harder. It always gets harder.

I am here to remind you of a few things. God brought your husband from the brink of death. He comforted you when your daughter turned her back on you. God gave you grace and strength when your vision failed. He even gave you some vision back when you had cataracts removed. This time is no different. You just need to remember.

Joy will fill your soul again, even though rejoicing seems distant at this moment. God will give you beauty for ashes. He fights for you. You are a child of the Most High King. He has not abandoned you. Remember, I was there when you could not feel His presence at all, but He was there.

I know you think this is more than you can bear, but you don’t have to carry this burden. That’s right! God is not only going to carry your burden, but He will carry you too.

When He dries your tears, stand tall. Suit up in the believer’s armor, and go forth like the prayer warrior you really are.

You already knew this. I just had to remind you. Keep your eyes on your Father. Walk in the Spirit and this too shall pass. When life gets tough, get tough on life. You can handle it. With God, nothing is impossible.

Father, we have it together during the good times, but when storms arise, we often lose it. Help us to remember who You are and Whose we are. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Read Psalm 34:17.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could step out of our tranquil seasons to have that talk with ourselves when our minds are racing with panic?

Here are some great verses to have on posted notes around your home or office for our anxious hearts:

  • Isaiah 61:1-3
  • Romans 8:28
  • Romans 8:31
  • Romans 8:37
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9
  • Philippians 4:6-7
  • Philippians 4:13
  • Philippians 4:19
  • Hebrews 13:5

Copyright 2016 Carolyn Dale Newell.


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