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Throwback Thursday: Fingertips of Grace

Fingertips of Grace

By Carolyn Dale Newell

I could not distinguish the pattern of dots. Again and again, I ran my finger across them. Frustration boiled up inside of me, and I wanted to slam the braille book onto the floor and declare, “I quit,” but I couldn’t do that. The impact would flatten the raised dots, making it difficult for someone else to feel them. Someone who could learn braille easier than this 50-year-old woman. Besides, the vision loss would continue, and I had to learn to live without sight.

Several Bible verses flashed through my mind. They were the ones that I was clinging to through my rehabilitation process. “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9b NKJV). Oh, how I needed that grace! It was more than the braille. It was this whole new way of living.

I was reminded of my life verse. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13 NKJV). I uttered a silent prayer for God’s grace and strength. I made another attempt at reading the letter, and this time the answer was correct. From that point, I could feel God’s grace as it flowed right to my fingertips, and the remainder of that lesson became smoother. Afterward, I erupted in praises and thanks to God.


Amazingly, this act replayed over and over. I explained to my teacher what was happening, but there was so much more.

There were the occasions when I would drop something on the floor. Groping for that lost object, I asked my heavenly Father to help me. It was not instantaneous, but God always directed me to the place where the wandering item had landed. My faith increased as I saw God, the invisible, more than the visible world which was slowly passing from my eyes.

I am reminded of something Jesus did near Bethsaida when He fed the five thousand. In Luke’s gospel, Jesus took the five loaves of bread and the two fish, and blessed and “broke” them before the disciples distributed them to the multitude (Luke 9:16). The bread had to be broken before it could be used to feed so many. It was broken before it became a display of the Lord’s power.

We are like that bread. Sometimes, we have to be broken to experience God’s glory. When we are dashed to pieces, we cry out to God. In humble dependence, we seek Him because we cannot do anything in our own strength. Jesus commanded us to ask, believing it will be given to us. We must storm heaven, asking for that all-sufficient grace, seeking divine strength, confidently knowing that these prayers will be answered because He faithfully fulfills His promises.

Friend, it is unlikely that you are going blind, but you may be broken in so many other ways. Maybe it is cancer, or another health issue. It could be financial burdens. Possibly, it is a wayward child or the grief of losing a loved one. Whatever the cause, call on God. He is the Master of putting broken pieces back together. Ask Him for peace. Ask Him for grace. Ask Him for strength! It is yours because He has promised it.

What is your need today? Take it to God and prepare to be amazed.


Sticks and Stones Can Break Bones But Words Can Shatter Me


By Carolyn Dale Newell


He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3 NKJV

We have all done it. We have all said something in anger we wish we could take back. Quite likely, we all have been struck by those verbal bullets too. Words that wound and degrade. Name calling that pierces and stings.

I remember vividly as a legally blind child the name calling I received from my classmates. I was different, and I used large print books which were big. And also, different. Different puts a target on your back.

In retrospect, I see how that held me back as an adult. Ashamed to use anything in public to assist me. No magnifiers. No white cane.

Finally, God broke the bondage that held me captive for many years. I freely use my cane, my guide dog, and my iPhone with assistive apps in public now. I am no longer afraid to ask someone for help when I need it.

We can ignore the random darts that are thrown our way, but what about the constant pounding some people have to endure? Words like “stupid” or “good for nothing”. Statements like “Nobody will ever love you” or “You’ll never amount to anything”.

When possible, avoid these negative people. They are cruel, and they are probably trying to cover up their own insecurities.

Sometimes, there are situations when avoiding these type of people is impossible. It may be a parent, teacher, boss or some other authority figure.

A person can only endure so much verbal abuse before it breaks their self-confidence. They believe what they are being told about themselves. Then what?

Did you know God specializes in heart surgery? He loves to mend broken hearts, making them whole again. He binds up the wounds sharp words have ripped open. He is a Father who loves and cares for you. He wants you to come to Him like a little child telling Him everything. His love for you put His Own Son on Calvary’s cross to die in your place. Take your brokenness to God. The hurt caused by wounding words can be unbearable, but God’s healing will be unbelievable.

Heavenly Father, thank You for reminding me of Your great love. I bring You all the hurt and shame I have collected. I leave it with You, casting my cares on You because You care for me. Amen.


Read Ephesians 1 and highlight the names and descriptions God uses for you.


Whether you are scarred by words from the past or you are dealing with them today, God really does care about your brokenness. Start seeing yourself in His eyes – A child of the king.