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More Potent Than Puppy Love


Today, I have the honor to be a guest at A Walk to the Well. My dear friend and author, Rita Kroon has posted what we typically call a Guide Dog Tale.



Guest Post: Fingertips of Grace

Several months ago, I submitted a devotion to the (in) courage web site. I am honored that they accepted it, and they are posting it today. While visiting the (in) courage web site, sign up for daily encouragement delivered daily to your inbox.

I could not distinguish the pattern of dots. Again and again, I ran my finger across them. Frustration boiled up inside of me, and I wanted to slam the braille book onto the floor and declare, “I quit,” but I couldn’t do that. The impact would flatten the raised dots, making it difficult for someone else to feel them. Someone who could learn braille easier than this 50-year-old woman. Besides, the vision loss would continue, and I had to learn to live without sight.