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Wag-a-Thon Wednesday


Iva walking at creekIva and I are halfway through our Wag-a-thon fundraiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. We have walked 19.5 miles of the 26.2 miles. We have raised $395 of our $500 goal. Will you please help us reach our goal by May 31 by clicking on this link:

https://give.guidingeyes.org/wag-a-thon/iva and donating to our Wag-a-thon?

You will help provide guide dogs for other visually impaired folks.

I thank you, and Iva says, “Woof!”




Wag-a-thon Wednesday


What is Wag-A-Thon Wednesday?

In 2016, I attended Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and after three weeks, I returned home with a trained guide dog and the knowledge to work with her. Most of you know my beautiful Iva from the Guide Dog Tales.

A guide dog has drastically changed my life. Iva is a gift from God. With her, God has opened many doors for me and my ministry.

I want to give back to Guiding Eyes. All my training, room and board, delicious meals, and equipment including Iva were free. I did not have to pay for a single thing, not even my airfare, thanks to generous donors.

The following link will explain the details of the Wag-A-Thon, but would you please consider giving to Guiding Eyes by sponsoring us?

The Wag-A-Thon lasts through May 31, and I will keep you updated here concerning our progress.

Iva and I thank you for giving, along with many future guide dog teams.