Carolyn Dale Newell Speaker

Carolyn Dale Newell – Speaker

Carolyn Dale Newell is an anointed speaker and author of three books: In The Storm, Incense Rising: 60 Days to Powerful Prayer, and Incense Rising Bible Study. She is currently working on her fourth project which will be published in 2019. She writes for Encouragement Cafe Ministries. As a lay minister, Carolyn regularly inspires women throughout her community at Mended Ministries, an outreach of her home church. Her years as a Bible study teacher enables her to dig deep into Scripture. Yet, Carolyn delivers bite-size chunks, sprinkled with humor, easy to understand, but powerful enough to transform lives. Her heart’s desire is to linger with people in prayer at events where she speaks.

Carolyn has worked with speaking coach, Amy Carroll (Next Step Coaching Services), attended the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conferences, and she is enrolled at the Tony Evans Training Center for theological studies.

Carolyn will empower you to:

  • Affirm God’s fathomless love and acceptance as you draw nigh to Christ.
  • Diminish anxiety and enlarge your faith in God.
  • Reveal the profound value of speaking and fervently praying God’s precious promises.
  • Seek a victorious life as God triumphs over your tribulations.
  • Replace the deceptions of our emotions with God’s timeless truth
  • Exchange a defeated life for the abundant life invested in Christ.

Carolyn knows what it is to live with blindness, but she calls her disability a gift from God. She shares her stories of vulnerability and conquered fears in a vast buffet of topics suitable for retreats or conferences. She is accompanied by her beautiful guide dog, Iva, a black lab who is adored by all. Carolyn resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband, Tim. She loves reading, pizza, and discovering new independence with Iva.

Speaking Sample from a women’s conference at New Life Fellowship COGOP:

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Speaking Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Exercise Faith- Carolyn shares her venerability to fear as she describes how God brought her from fear to faith. You will be encouraged to step out in faith, and overcome disappointment. Embrace God’s promises that are associated with complete trust in God.
  • God Said No – For every thorn, God gives us the rose, the Rose of Sharon, Jesus Christ. Like the Apostle Paul, we all go through times when God says “No.” Carolyn unpacks these Scriptures enhancing our understanding of God’s all-sufficient grace. Her personal testimony helps us realize God’s purposes for thorns, and the effect our testimonies have on others.
  • From Broken to Beautiful – We all face seasons of brokenness, but the beauties of God are revealed during these times. We emerge as beautiful victorious daughters of God. You will discover the peace God gives to soothe our anxious hearts and be encouraged to walk in faith with Jesus by your side.
  • Guide Dog Presentation – People of all ages are amazed as I demonstrate Iva’s abilities. The life of a guide dog is interesting from puppy-hood to an adult. I engage audiences of all ages as I show them how drastic distractions are to a guide dog team. I will also educate management teams about the ADA law and fake service dogs.

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“I’ve been blessed to have Carolyn as a friend for 4 years now. We attend the same church and share the same disability, although I am only blind in one eye. Her love for our Lord Jesus and His Word, and willingness to share it with those she meets is an inspiration to me. She is a great communicator and is at ease whether it’s sharing the importance of Iva, her guide dog dog, in a small setting, or sharing her testimony in a large setting. I recommend her as a speaker that will bless, inspire, and motivate people to walk closer to our Lord”.

Eva Neas Brown

Conference Attendee


“I would like to share, if anyone may be considering Carolyn Newell as a speaker for their upcoming event, I highly recommend her. She and Iva have been a blessing to myself and many other people that I know. Her testimony has touched my soul, and her true care for others is genuine. I spoke with Carolyn about a concern I had for a friend asking her to pray about a situation. Not only did she agree to pray for my friend, she stopped right then and there and we prayed together. That showed me truly what kind of love Carolyn has for others.”

Renee Tomlin

Conference Attendee


“Sister Carolyn Dale Newell is a dynamic Christian author and speaker who shares her tenacious faith and testimony in such a way that lives are touched and changed.”

Nikki Burton

Event planner/ Pastor’s wife

New Life Fellowship COGOP


“My husband and I are thrilled to worship together with Sis. Carolyn Newell! She truly has a heart’s desire to serve her Lord and displays a willingness to submit to His Divine Will for her life though it may be a road less traveled. We are so blessed by her ministry!”

Ann Coleman, Pastor’s Wife, Blue Ridge Baptist Church,

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