My Testimony

I live at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, with my husband, Timmy. God saved me at age 33 when the Holy Spirit had me under strong conviction. At the point of salvation, I repented, and I wanted to serve God.

In 1998, my husband was diagnosed with leukemia. I think that is when I had to learn to trust God.  These things were out of our control, but God is in control of all things.  He sent us one miracle after another.   MY husband is still with us today even though he was given 12-18 months to live.  Praise God!

I have been legally blind for most of my life, but in 2011, my vision started to rapidly decline.  I worked with rehab counselors, learning braille, computer, and how to live as a blind person.  The braille was the hardest thing, but remembering God’s past victories in my life, I leaned on Him.  It was during that time that I began to write devotions.  It started as something that the VA Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired translated into braille for others to read. At this time, I am almost totally blind, but I see God more clearly than ever.

I wanted to let you have a glimpse of my life. I have been through some things, but there are others that suffer more.  My prayer is that these devotions will encourage you in your trials, and they will draw you closer to God.


10 thoughts on “My Testimony

      1. Being Woven

        I was just going to ask where this photo was! I was there many, many years ago. I lived in Roanoke and then Arlington/DC for a number of years. I loved Roanoke!! : )

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  1. Jenny C.

    Hi Carolyn. Your faith & trust in the Lord is so encouraging to me. You are a blessing. I also live in VA, but northern Virginia. God bless your day & your ministry.

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