Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, Rejoice!   -Phil 4:4


When we visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I wake up early to watch the sunrise. One morning, it looked as if the clouds would prevent it from being a beautiful sunrise. I waited and watched to see if the sun would pop out from behind the clouds. The clouds grew brighter and it was beautiful even though the sun only peered through the clouds at small intervals. Clouds get a bad rap because everyone wants to see the blue sky and cloudless days, but this day the clouds held such beauty with the sun behind them.

We want our lives to be like those sunny days without the clouds, but there are certain glories of God that cannot be seen until the clouds appear.

It is the times of heartache and grief that we feel the comfort of God. It is when our health fails, our vision dims, or we are filled with pain when we see God’s grace. It is when we are weak that we see His strength. These are the reasons that we can rejoice.

Paul was a prisoner when he penned these words. Not a likely place to rejoice, but it is not the circumstances that give us reason to rejoice. It is the Lord. It was important enough that Paul through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit repeated it; “Again I will say, rejoice!”

I have seen God’s work in my life. I felt His grace when I was struggling to learn braille. I feel His protection when I walk guided by the Hand of God and a white cane.

Nobody wants the cloudy days, but it is the only way we can see the Son of God working in us. Behind the clouds is the sun, and behind the cross is our living Savior.

Copyright 2013 Carolyn Dale Newell.


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